How to enjoy India
And stay well

Follow your route and interests

India is diverse with many experiences in store for the travelers.

Don’t over pack

Try to take less clothes, because it’s almost impossible to skip shopping in India. There will be many things you would like to buy.

No public affection

India is a conservative country that has some reservations about showing emotions in public. It’s mostly about couples. Don’t mix it up with friendship.

What you need to know
As a first-time traveller

Don’t let the media feed your fear

Media publishes content that provokes interest and some emotional reaction. This fact has made India famous for poverty, poor attitude towards women etc.

Be flexible about plans and expectations

Try to accept the cultural specifics in India without comparing with the reality or background you come from. There will be certain things that will happen and certain things that will not.

Learn bargaining

Everyone does it and you should not be an exception. Pricing is generally higher for foreigners since there is a misconception among sellers in India that tourists are rich.

Best India places
For first-timers

  • 01


    Two days in the holy city of Varanasi are a must for any Indian neophyte, but we wouldn't suggest staying
    much longer - its gaggle of ash-covered holy men, bodies burning on the shores of the Ganges etc.

  • 02


    The home of yoga and where The Beatles found enlightenment, Rishikesh is a spiritual wonderland full of ashrams,
    holy men and schools teaching every esoteric art from palm reading to tarot.

  • 03


    Tea is the order of the day at this peaceful Himalayan hill town. Well, that and Tibetan Buddhist monasteries
    and the UNESCO heritage-listed toy train that takes visitors chugging through the mountains.

Heros Behind the Company

As with every holiday you need to take into consideration the weather, local customs and when is the best time to travel?

From cultural city breaks to adventure tours or beach escapes, Rough Guides can take you there. Plan and book your tailor-made adventure with the help of local experts.

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