Important signs you desperately need a vacation

1. Non-existent social life

Your social life is zilch! Do you remember the last time you met your friends for drinks? If not, and the only thing on your mind is work, you certainly need to take some time off buddy! What more, if you use your house only for sleeping, and sometimes dinner, it’s a sure sign that you must pack your bags soon!

2. You crave for a change but hate it as much

You keep telling everyone around you (or yourself) that you need a change, but aren’t working towards it. More so, coz you are so used to the space you are in that you are afraid to invite any change, even if it’s a short vacation!

3. Fatigue is your new BFF

No matter how much you rest or sleep, you always feel tired. This is happening coz your mind is bored of the same ol’ routine, which tires it out. Sometimes even 8-9 hours of sleep isn’t enough. It’s coz your body and mind needs a change, a good reason to get out of bed. And that, my friend, is a vacation!

4. Wandering away from your goals

Lately, you have been feeling that you are wandering aimlessly in life, with no set goals. Also, you find it really difficult to focus on one thing! A trip will help you realise and regain your ambitions.

5. Overwhelmed at the drop of a hat

Whether your boss, colleague or your family says something (not-so-sensitive) to you, you react, unreasonably. You feel like you might cry any moment or you are irritated by those who call you. These are dangerous warning signs that your mind is giving you, so that you take a break!